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Bridging ESG and finance

With Wangari, you're able to integrate ESG data in your financial models within minutes. We combine cutting-edge climate science and state-of-the-art financial analysis with AI and particle physics to bring your financial projections to the next level.
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ESG model plugin

Our plugin will seamlessly integrate into your existing modeling workflow. By giving you insights into the impact of ESG performance on every financial variable, we help you assess business values in the best possible way.

Full ESG-including models

If you'd rather not perform financial modeling in-house, we run our own financial models with ESG data for you. So you can profit serenely from the insights without worrying about technical details.

Thought Leadership

We publish key insights about ESG, sustainability, finance, micro- and macroeconomics every week. Subscribe to us on Substack or Medium to get our intelligence right to your inbox.

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